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Happy early birthday, we are glad you are choosing Ruumors to celebrate your big day. 

Our package is perfect for those celebrating or with a large group. 

We have a preset menu that includes complimentary 

Name customization.



Each Guests pay $80 each for a full course meal, including a shareable platter (1 platter per 5-7 guest), 1 choice of main with a side, 1 choice of dessert with a choice of sauce & a shareable bottle tower cocktail/mocktail (1 bottle tower per 8 guests).

Please send us your guest's orders including the main, & dessert choice, 24 hours before your reservation date.


A refundable 10% deposit based on the total # of your guestlist is required to reserve your table. Deposit is non refundable if there is a no-show case or up to 10% of your guest list not showing up. So please confirm before proceeding.

Deposit & orders should be sent to :

NB: the total cost for this option is $80 per guests plus taxes and 18% gratuity.

Want to rent out our entire space for the day?

Click the link for more info....

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